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Thoughts as we launch “Powered by Posterity” Services

Our whole team is excited to announce that today Posterity Group Consulting is launching our “Powered by Posterity” services with the publication of a new website at

Powered by Posterity captures the motive force that inspires us to apply our talents every day to help clients move toward a better environment for future generations.

Services under the Powered by Posterity tag encompass the values and mission of Posterity Group Consulting; helping our customers move toward a low-carbon economy by helping them overcome barriers with analytics, market intelligence and capability development services, all delivered with an amazing customer experience. 

Powered by Posterity services distinguish themselves as offerings that stand-apart from our core advisory services to meet a very specific client need. Over the coming months, we’ll be adding distinct services that we hope will resonate with our many clients.

The first offering to be Powered by Posterity is our Posterity Group Navigator Energy and Emissions Simulation Suite. Over the coming weeks, we hope that you will see and hear more about this amazing modelling platform. It was developed by our team to enable our clients to quickly analyze complex energy and carbon scenarios while maintaining full analytical resolution in the powerful calculation engine, while inputs and outputs are easily managed using intuitive and familiar tools. 

We think that Posterity Group Navigator is a game changer for clients looking to find solutions to complex problems, allowing scenario development and optimization in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional modelling platforms offered by other consulting firms.

We are looking for like minded clients who are also powered and motivated to make a better environmental future for the planet. I invite you to click through and explore Posterity Group Navigator, and to sign-up to get updates as we launch new services. 

I invite you to also drive toward a brighter future and get Powered by Posterity!

Bryan Flannigan