Advancing the energy transition to net-zero

Energy Efficiency & Low Carbon Advisory Services

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Posterity Group helps clients to identify opportunities and mitigate risks associated with energy use, climate change, and technology innovation. We are trusted advisors to energy planners and policy makers in utilities, governments, and private sector organizations across North America. We work with our clients to provide the data, software, and guidance they need to plan our future energy systems.

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Posterity Group Navigator lets planners create flexible, updatable models to assess energy conservation, demand management and GHG mitigation potential. Navigator is a robust platform used to forecast how energy use and emissions respond to programs, technology, pricing, and policy at the end-use level.

Navigator is a trusted solution for North America’s major utilities and system operators. It is used to conduct long-term forecasting and integrated resource planning, energy transition scenario analysis, and achievable potential studies.

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  • long-term electricity and natural gas forecasting
  • conservation potential assessment
  • electrification, conservation, and demand management program planning
  • policy impact analysis