Identifying opportunities within the energy transition

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About Posterity Group

Posterity Group helps energy planners assess opportunities and risks associated with the energy transition.  Our team of experts analyzes how climate policy, new technologies, and economics influence energy needs.


Posterity Group is committed to cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
As a consulting company, we use our knowledge and experience to help our clients solve tough problems.  The sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, self-expression, and unique capabilities that the team brings to work make us better at solving these tough problems. These differences make Posterity Group a more interesting, richer, place to work, and ultimately contribute to the company’s success.  We embrace people’s differences and other characteristics that make the team unique.
We want every person we interact with to find Posterity Group staff kind, considerate, and inclusive.

Posterity Group’s purpose is to empower energy stakeholders with the knowledge, tools, and guidance they need to decarbonize our energy systems.

We are on a mission to guide our clients to meet national or sub-national 2030 decarbonization targets, and we lead with our values:


We have the courage to stand by our beliefs and the facts.


We engage with kindness and empathy, and we do so fairly and equitably.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for continuous improvement at both the personal and company level.


We strive to create a safe space for honesty which requires vulnerability, openness, collaboration, and accountability.

Responsibility to Act

We strive to make the world a better place by working to mitigate the climate crisis.

Our Team

Clients benefit from Posterity Group’s collaborative and personal approach to project management and technical and advisory services. We bring expertise in engineering, economics, data science, policy, and project management to every consulting project. We also have a dedicated product team focused on developing and maintaining the Posterity Group Navigator modelling software.

Chris Pulfer
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Alex Tiessen
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Dave Shipley
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Emily Kirke
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Erika Aruja
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Patrick Casey
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Peter Rowles
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Paula Claudino
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Brendan Dewalt
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Julian Nappert
Senior Consultant
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Joanna Melnyk
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Sydney Mendoza
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Cameron Roth
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Patricia Adeniyi
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Kaushal Panchal
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Padraig Bell
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Kaitlyn Vella
Energy Systems Consultant Intern
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Jaden Majumdar
Energy Systems Consultant Intern
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Dani Wannous
Product Manager
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Parfait Kingwaya
Lead Software Developer
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Katrina Larocque
Senior Administrative Assistant
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