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Supporting the energy evolution: A closer look at our services

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Our work centers on conducting energy scenario analysis to help plan the transition to net-zero. While we tailor every project to our client’s needs,
our core services are in:

Posterity Group staff are the Canadian leaders in energy conservation potential analysis. We work with utilities, system operators and regulators to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, shift and lower peak demand, cut energy costs, and reduce emissions. Posterity Group has worked on energy conservation potential projects for  gas and electric utilities and system operators, and helped utility regulators assess the results of achievable potential studies.

We support utilities to develop a robust, long-term plan to meet future energy needs and climate targets. Using our Navigator software, we create demand forecasts that consider the impact of demand-side management programs, policies, and economic conditions on energy consumption, peak demand, and GHG emissions.  Posterity Group has supported several utilities across North America to develop and file integrated resource plans.

Posterity Group provides policy makers within government with the data and insights they need to design policies that achieve GHG reductions and support the transition to net-zero. How should we design a policy to incentivize behaviour change to a lower-carbon future? What are the risks, opportunities and costs associated with policy implementation? Posterity Group helps policy makers in governments across Canada answer these questions.

Posterity Group are trusted advisors in how to construct robust and meaningful scenarios to inform decision-making today when the future is uncertain. Our clients benefit from our tools and expertise to minimize risk and obtain detailed, data-driven insights on how the energy transition could impact energy systems and customers.

We forecast energy demand in rapidly evolving sectors to help system operators and utilities plan for load growth. These forecasts are used to inform bulk transmission system planning, energy conservation and demand-side management programs, and provincial stakeholder dialogue that underpins energy policy and planning decisions.

Our Clients

Posterity Group has worked with federal, provincial, and municipal governments, utilities, regulators, system operators, and efficiency organizations across North America. Our clients include:

Shaping Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape