Navigate tomorrow’s energy needs, today

Enabling decision-makers to plan for tomorrow’s energy needs

Posterity Group Navigator lets planners create flexible, updatable models to assess energy conservation, demand management and GHG mitigation potential, and forecast how energy use and emissions respond to programs, technology, pricing, and policy at the end-use level.

Why choose Navigator

Gain insights, mitigate risks.

Navigator was originally developed as a tool by and for Posterity Group staff to conduct analysis on behalf of government and utility clients. Over the past seven years, Navigator has evolved into a robust software solution that is trusted by some of North America’s largest utilities and systems operators to develop long-term forecasts and to complete integrated resource planning, energy transition scenario analysis and achievable potential studies. Navigator is a proven tool that is transparent, flexible, and easy to use. Our clients trust that Navigator will produce the outputs they require to support their regulatory filings and public-facing reports. Navigator is now available to license so clients can use the software to conduct further analysis within their own IT environment.

Navigator incorporates over 20 years of modelling expertise into a powerful platform for long-term electricity and natural gas forecasting, conservation potential assessment, electrification, conservation, and demand management program planning, and policy impact analysis.

Navigator unlocks the ability to address pivotal questions, such as:

What is the most cost-effective way to meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets?

How will future energy consumption and peak demand change with shifts in the provincial economy?

How will the adoption of a technology like air-source heat pumps impact electricity demand?

Could energy efficiency measures and demand response programs be alternatives to building more infrastructure?


Charting the Complex Landscape of Energy and Emissions

Navigator enables complex, multi-variable modelling using end-use, sector-based models. This granularity reflects the unique way energy is used and regulated. Navigator forecasts annual energy consumption and GHG emissions, by region, industry, rate class, building or vehicle type, and energy end use. Outputs include annual consumption, hourly and daily peak demand, emissions, energy savings potential, and energy costs for any fuel type. Results are assembled into a data visualization platform to be further explored by clients and their stakeholders.