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We operate with integrity based on a belief that client satisfaction is driven by three key factors:



We provide high-quality, credible results and you can be confident that your project schedule and budget will be respected.

Added Value

You can expect us to go above and beyond, providing more nuanced deliverables and value-added insights and tools that integrate our findings into your business objectives.

Positive Client Experience

A positive customer experience can’t be forced. We manage expectations, provide clear communications and deliver projects results with integrity every single time.




program design, delivery and evaluation

Conservation management programs should be designed to overcome the unique barriers of a given market segment and jurisdiction, and address administrative needs and requirements. Posterity Group works with utilities, governments and communities to design and develop program solutions that address these barriers at every stage of the program development cycle.


energy modelling

Posterity Group offers advanced energy and GHG modelling services to help clients understand and see the most complex issues with clarity.

Our clients benefit from the insights gained by our expert staff in this highly specialized field.  Posterity Group staff have been involved in the some of the most advanced energy modeling projects in Canada over the last 15 years.

Our Posterity Group Navigator PlatformTM allows us to develop modeling solutions with much greater efficiency and effectiveness than previously possible with conventional models.

Market intelligence

Technologies and markets are dynamic and evolving faster than ever.  Understanding the potential of innovative technologies and the structure of their markets is critical to developing sound policy and program interventions.  Our team applies very efficient research methods and leverages advanced research tools to characterize technologies and their markets across a range of sectors, end-uses and applications.

Coupled with our advance modeling platform, our market intelligence service help clients to understand the role of technologies and markets in relative to their objectives.


engagement and training

Our team combines years of experience in energy efficiency, carbon management and facilitation and coaching to develop and deliver unique training and capability development content. Whether you require a simple case-study, more in-depth webinar, or fully-produced streaming video content, Posterity Group can develop a solution to meet your needs.  

We apply a thorough needs assessment to understand and develop the goals of our engagement and training interventions.  Our team has been behind recent engagement and training initiatives for the Green Ontario Fund, Natural Resources Canada and the Independent Electricity System Operator.


Posterity Group Navigator™ 

Energy and Emissions Simulation Suite

Quickly explore the energy landscape. Investigate an unlimited range of scenarios. Optimize to targets. Posterity Group Navigator™ Energy and Emissions Simulation Suite lets planners create flexible, realistic models to forecast how customer energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions respond to programs, technology, pricing and policy. Posterity Group Navigator™ incorporates over 20 years of modelling expertise into a powerful platform for: 

  • Integrated resource planning

  • Energy efficiency potential estimates

  • Demand side management (DSM) program planning

  • Policy impact analysis, and GHG emissions studies.

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Whether it's a multi-year resource planning project or a small scale community energy plan, Posterity Group has the expertise to help you understand your energy and emissions landscape. Reach out to us to discuss how our services may help you meet your goals. 

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